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Commissions are open!
I need the money for my new/finally started BJD hobby. 
And I really would love to save up some money for a BJD IMPLDoll Doll.

I hope I can get a few people interested in taking a commission from me.

Lets start with the Do and the don't do's 

I do:
- Oc art 
- Fan art
- Furry art
- Reference sheet art
- Creating a design for you
- Landscapes 
- Portraits

If you are interested in any other art, note me and we'll see if I can do it or not. 

I don't do: 
- Sexual related art.. (I don't know, I just feel uncomfortable with this kind of art)
- Hate art. 
- Rushing... The art will be done when it is done. If you rush me, I will give you the money back and I just won't do it for you anymore.

Sure I'll try to finish the art with in a deadline..But I am also busy with school and a lot of training to improve myself.. all this takes time. 

- I use Paypal..Its safe for you and me. 
- 50% will be payed before I start with the sketch. If you agree with the sketch 
(sketch will be a low res picture) and after I get the full payment I will start with the colour or grayscale technique, whichever you chose.
- If you're not happy with the sketch, tell me and I will edit it.
- Same is for the finished version. If you want something changed I can do that, though there will be no refunds for full art, I've put a lot of time and effort into it.

Other rules:
- Please give me a proper reference.
- If there is no proper only a headshot but you want a full body drawing, then I see it as something I need to create a design for. This will be an additional fee as I need to do investigation to get the clothes right and it is a lot more effort then drawing an OC. 
- Please..really please don't rush me..I try to draw as fast as I can between the time I have :)

Aaand now the prices: 
I have improved a lot with the time..and I just don't have a new example of everything yet. I am busy with those things and i'll update it on this page soon.
Prices are in euro..Working with dollars is just confusing, Paypal has something that can change it to euro.

A simple chibi drawing, Anthro and human: 
  10 euro 

Joannie Flamenco color by DuvellAlpha Koekje Inkt 72 by Duvell

A painted chibi:

15 euro                         

Little Olaf by Duvell

A face shot: 
Grayscale: 20 euro
Color: 25 euro

Commision: Yvette by Duvell Gift: Jedediah by Duvell

Portret Mirna by Duvell
Half Body/pin-up(simple background): 

e: 15 euro
Color: 25 euro
+ Added char 15 euro
Falco pin up 72 dpi by Duvell

Full body with a simple background: 

Grayscale: 20 euro
Color: 30 euro
+ Char 20 euro
+ Background 25/40 euro (depens on how complex you want it.)

Crocodile by Duvell Commision: Alpha And Beat by Duvell
Doll Garden by Duvell
Falco pose by Duvell

Character design/clothing design: 

Only clothing design(line art): 15-20 euro.
Full Design 30-40 euro (depends on what you want/price includes flat colour)
+ Flat color: 2 euro
+ Shading and everything: 10 euro

Character design (nameless) by Duvell

Mirna cloth design by Duvell Redesign Shadowhaunds(caleb) by Duvell Contest entry: Sohalia Mukopadhyay by Duvell


30-50 euro (depends on what you want) 

Space station by Duvell

Portrait art of a real person or animal: 

40 euro for a traditional sketch
50 euro for digital coloured version. 

Daenerys Targaryen by Duvell
Commision: Dogs by Duvell
Gimli potred by Duvell

Whit these can it be..That It doesn't go like I wish to (our you..) If I notice its to hard for me you get a refund.
Becouse sometimes its make a protred on a way you realy like.

Yes if you wish..I can sell you also a print. Probaly cheaper then DA would sell them..
Prices variate from 1 unil 10 euro..(Canvas is wayy expensifer) But if you wish to ..note me..I wil look how expensif it is.
And send you a price list with options..But those prices are exluding shiping..

I can print from a5 until a2 maybe a1 also..Tough I am afraid that my pc can't handle that size on 300dpi.

About the shiping and how mutch that is..Realy depens on where you do life. Inside the Netherelands is cheaper then europa..and Europa is cheaper then 
world wide. But I wil calculate those costs for you if you wish to have this option ;)

3 slots are open(none available at the momend):
1. Dena :icondcluoth: Louth (colouring)

2. :iconkd8lmno: Pin-up Percy (colouring)

:iconkd8lmno: Full boddy Percy

Other awesome artist who do commisions:


Don't know this person verry wel (just discover her on da...duno how it comes that I discovered her so late tough.. its a nice artist)
But :icondatumshark:…
Its shure worth to give it a look. Verry nice art not that expensif :)


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Sorianumera Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I've featured some of your awesome and stunning work on my dA page Sorianumera

I so love what you do and your OCs are very interesting.
Your work always inspires me and I love it, to watch you :heart:

Have a nice day! I hope, you like the little feature on my page! :party:
Duvell Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2014
Tnxs a lot :hug:

It means a lot that you like my work and think my oc's are intresting. (even tough I din't upload a lot about them anymore.)
^^ and wow my work inpires you? Damn ;) thats then ether way becouse I think your work is also verry stunning.
As for the oc's what you did creat.I mean that group picture is stil awesome <3

And yes I like it a lot :hug: Thanks :) means a lot for me ^^
Laggtastic Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2014  Student General Artist
Heyyy dank je wel voor het faven van de little sketch :D
Duvell Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2014
^^ welcome :)
smallsmiles Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2014
Hello! :icontommriddleplz: Dropping by to say thank you for the favorite on my portrait of Avery and Rosier. I appreciate it!
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