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Fucking hell...
How manny I din't want to go to school anymore by the end of the year..Give me freaking back the school.
My vacation is shit..I work a few hours in the morning -_- and then come home and work at my portfolio...and just art an
costumes.. And save the money up for fur and a doll...and pay off my studie....

But noooooooo....-_- The shity bathroom renovation is going in my way that I only can hear pll naging to  me...
Naging and naging..and pff ow manny  my bf hates it to work on it in his vacation. No -_- its not mine vacation..I din't had plans..what I already can't do for 3 weeks..
Awel about that..its almost HOPEFULLY DONEEEE.....But urg I realy realy start to hate that bathroom..I supose to love it becouse its new..and nice and better to clean that
that old shit..what we had.

And next to that..I can't declarate my hours..soo I don't get payed..until end august..oww great no guys its not like I wanted to go to walebi and buy shit there..
Its not that I like to go to I can pay those tickets..aaand jeaah I don't wanna go to castle of love with friends and buy food and drinks over there...Even tough
castle of love is not my style of fesstivals its fun to go to something like that with friends...Aaand its not like I wanted to buy a doll for my birthday....and its not like I wanted to buy
fur So I can finaly work on a costume...And fix a old one..

Serious usual..I am not fromt he nag journals and complaining....But tss never EVER had a fucking bulshit ...worse vacation like this one...Give me school back was lesser stressfull....


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cloud0032000 Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Student Digital Artist
Thanks for the fav :D
Duvell Featured By Owner 2 days ago
^^ Welcome :)
Sorianumera Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I've featured some of your awesome and stunning work on my dA page Sorianumera

I so love what you do and your OCs are very interesting.
Your work always inspires me and I love it, to watch you :heart:

Have a nice day! I hope, you like the little feature on my page! :party:
Duvell Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2014
Tnxs a lot :hug:

It means a lot that you like my work and think my oc's are intresting. (even tough I din't upload a lot about them anymore.)
^^ and wow my work inpires you? Damn ;) thats then ether way becouse I think your work is also verry stunning.
As for the oc's what you did creat.I mean that group picture is stil awesome <3

And yes I like it a lot :hug: Thanks :) means a lot for me ^^
Laggtastic Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2014  Student General Artist
Heyyy dank je wel voor het faven van de little sketch :D
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